Seed Exchange 2017


Date(s) - Sat Nov 11, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Historic Warren Tavern



Shooting Star Seeds

America’s largest exchange of native plant seeds has been scheduled. Approximately 100 species!

Save the date and harvest your seeds.  A dry day in the early afternoon is a good time to do so.  We will be auctioning off numerous items including a brand new “Flora of the Chicago Region” book! 

Tips on seed collecting many native species are here: Seed Collecting Times Online pdf

How the Exchange Works   

Collect your own seed and bring it to the Seed Exchange.  You are entitled to take other seeds home with you, up to an amount equal to what you bring.  If you do not have seed to trade, we ask you to make a donation that reflects the value and fun you find here.

8am ? 9am: Set up tables for auction, yard displays, sign-in, etc.

9am – 9:30am:  Set out seeds.  No browsing for seed until 9:30

9:30am – 11am: Seed ‘shopping’ and bidding on silent auction 

10:30am: Announcement of  silent auction winners 

11am ? Noon: Clean up

Label Those Seeds

Please label the seeds you bring.  Include Latin name, common name, description and any other helpful information, such as color of flower, time of bloom, height of plant, best location, etc.  Print copies of this page to easily label: Seed Labels Sheets

How to Package Seeds

If you have a large quantity of seed, such as grasses or asters, you may bring them in one large bag and let folks help themselves.  Very small seeds or rare species should be divided into smaller quantities to allow more people an opportunity to sample them.  Bring empty bags, envelopes or containers in which to place the seeds you choose to take home and a tote bag to carry them.

Historic Warren Tavern, Warrenville

Silent Auction

Contribute something of your own or contact one or two businesses to ask for donation for the auction.  Be sure to get names and addresses of businesses who donate so we can give them recognition and thank them.

Share Your Photos and Posters

If you have photos or a poster display of your yard, bring them before 9am.  There will be an area set up to show off our yards to other attendees.  This always makes for an interesting exhibit.

Potluck Refreshments

Please bring a snack, finger food or drink to share.  This way, we will have some refreshments for everyone.