The Monarch population fell to a record low in the winter of 2013.  In 2014 it fell 56% more.  The monarch combined winter population total was only 1.65 acres.  The number of monarchs visiting Illinois has saw its first jump in 2018.

What can you do to help the monarchs?  You can not only plant pollinators so they have food; you can also plant milkweed to provide the nursery for their next-gen of young.  The few species of milkweed are the ONLY plant that monarchs will lay their eggs on.  Pictured below is a monarch laying an egg on a marsh milkweed plant (Asclepia incarnata) in a DuPage yard:


Remember, by planting milkweed you can do something yourself to help nature and the monarchs.  What you do in your yard matters.                                            

Pollinator Links

Monarch butterfly web tutorial is a 57 minute tutorial on monarchs.  Courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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