Movie – “America’s Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie”

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Thursday, Jan 16, 2020, 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Naperville Municipal Center

“America’s Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie” tells the rich and complex story of one of the most astonishing alterations of nature in human history.

Prior to Euro-American settlement in the 1820s, one of the major landscape features of North America was 240 million acres of tallgrass prairie.  But between 1830 and 1900 – in the space of a single lifetime – the tallgrass prairie was steadily transformed to farmland.

This drastic change in the landscape also brought about an enormous social change for Native Americans; in an equally short time their cultural imprint was reduced in essence to a handful of place-names appearing on maps.

The extraordinary cinematography of prairie remnants, original score and archival images are all delicately interwoven to create a powerful and moving viewing experience about the natural and cultural history of America.

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