Show-Me Yard, Wendy & Roger’s – Carol Stream

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Sunday August 18, 2019 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Roger and Wendy Vernon’s Backyard

What can your Wild Ones membership help you achieve?  Roger and Wendy have been adding native plants to their yard for almost 3 years now and are ready to show you what can be done in that short time.

They have used seeds from our chapter’s largest native seed exchange in America, and by attending our winter lectures have learned how to do winter sowing and how to plant a fruit tree guild.  They will give us a yard tour and point these things out and you may ask questions about these techniques as we go through the yard.

They have tried a wide variety of plants too.  This is because they have areas that support plants which are alternatively sunny, shaded and in rain garden.  This means you can learn which plants of many went in well and which were headaches and why.  You can also see how some plants grow before they reach a 3 year maturity.

We can also expect Roger and Wendy to give us a quick primer on their new solar electric installation.  Plenty to see, learn and enjoy – please join us!

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