Welcome to Wild Ones of Greater DuPage

October 17, 7PM, Thursday – Favorite Native Plants Throughout the Seasons
November 9, 9AM, Saturday – Annual Seed Exchange
Native Plant Nurseries:  Linked on our own website: Native Plant Nurseries  Native plants give the most and best avaialble food to the ecosystem and so support the most fauna species.

Fall ordering of native shrubs and trees runs August 19 – 31.  Pre-orders only and pickup Sept.21st in Lake County: Citizens for Conservation Native Tree and Shrub Sale

Hello MEMBERS!!   Your 5 membership issues/year of theWild Ones Journalonline magazine are ready for you to view.  Simply log in to the Wild Ones members-only section at Wild Ones Website & select “Online Journal.”  Use your password.  If you need help logging in or you haven’t created your password simply follow the directions in this document. Tip: include your favorite plant in a password!

A cage for rearing monarch butterflies attracts attention during a yard tour in Lombard


Cornell University tells why native plants are best for birdsNative Plants Help Birds

From our friends in Will County FPD here is a look at the 2019 Hummingbird Migration.

Hear the Mike MacDonald and Gerould Wilhelm radio interview about the new Flora of the Chicago Region book:  WBEZ Interview with Gerould Wilhelm and Mike MacDonald   Hear Mike’s prior interview here: Mike MacDonald WBEZ Interview 

WELCOME to the Greater DuPage Wild Ones where you will:
  • Blazing stars and coneflowers help bring life to a Wild Ones’ member’s yard

    Learn about NATIVE PLANTS  enhancing your landscape as they feed nature

  • See landscaped native yards at unticketed, free yard tours of our members
  • See rare wildflowers on our NATURE WALKS
  • Hear excellent speaker presentations in colder months
  • Obtain rare seeds  from Northern Illinois native plants at our Seed Exchange
  • Receive a monthly Chapter email bulletin
  • Read the NATIONAL Journal online magazine
  • Enjoy advice and friendship of 120+ fellow gardeners at picnics or potluck dinners
  • Benefit wildlife and the environment

Your membership proves its value and is tax-deductible(501 c3).  We meet throughout the county, and nearby areas.  Please Join us!!  Join DuPage Wild Ones


Doug Tallamy Garden Interview

The importance of prairie preservation: TED Talks Prairie

Landscaping: Pride, Science & Law: Joy Buslaff

Rain Gardens:  An excellent online resource is the Hebert Small-Scale Rain Garden Guide.  It is free and specifies native plants, see pp. 48-49.  You may have met Kevin Hebert at one of our workshops.

More on Rain Gardens: Rain Gardens, How to – WI DNR Publication

Invasive species:   An Asian worm is a new invasive species.  See: Jumping Worm Facts

Our Spring speaker Nanette Kalscheur also provided more websites on invasives:  Stink bug alert, Jumping Worm Alert & ID, Viburnum leaf beetle factsheet,Buckthorn Replacement List

Pollinators:An interesting website is  Bumblebeewatch

Read a  free online book about our native bees.  Well illustrated for easy learning!  Native Bee Basics

A free e-book that discusses neonicotinoids and their effects: Pollinators and Pesticides

Birding:Cornell University tells why native plants are best for birdsNative Plants Help Birds .                 Free bird ID application for your smartphone from Cornell University and the National Science Foundation: Free Bird ID App for Smartphones              Learn bird calls by game:  Bird Song Hero Game

Native Plant Nurseries:Linked on our own website: Native Plant Nurseries 

Yard and Prairie Burns:Drone film of a prairie burn: This cool video which was filmed from a drone at Bluff Spring Fen in Cook County: Bluff Spring Fen Burn – Drone film

Member Yard Burn on YouTube:   Ted Lowe’s Ted Lowe’s 2014 Yard Burn