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Recent:  We tied a record for America’s native plant seed exchange with the most known species at 103!

Coming in 2019:  Winter seed sowing, roundtable of gardening ideas, monarchs and more!

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A cage for rearing monarch butterflies attracts attention during a yard tour in Lombard

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Cornell University tells why native plants are best for birdsNative Plants Help Birds

From our friends in Will County FPD here is a look at the 2018 Hummingbird Migration.

Hear the Mike MacDonald and Gerould Wilhelm radio interview about the new Flora of the Chicago Region book:  WBEZ Interview with Gerould Wilhelm and Mike MacDonald   Hear Mike’s prior interview here: Mike MacDonald WBEZ Interview 

WELCOME to the Greater DuPage Wild Ones where you will be able to:
  • Blazing stars and coneflowers help bring life to a Wild Ones’ member’s yard

    Learn about NATIVE PLANTS  enhancing your landscape as they feed nature

  • See landscaped native yards at yard tours of our members
  • See rare wildflowers on our NATURE WALKS
  • Enjoy hearing excellent speaker presentations in colder months
  • Obtain rare seeds  from Northern Illinois native plants at our Seed Exchange
  • Receive a monthly Chapter email bulletin
  • Read the NATIONAL Journal online magazine
  • Enjoy the friendship of 100+ local native plant gardeners at picnics or potluck dinners
  • Benefit wildlife and the environment

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Doug Tallamy Garden Interview

The importance of prairie preservation: TED Talks Prairie

Landscaping: Pride, Science & Law: Joy Buslaff

Pollinators and Pesticides is an e-book that discusses neonicotinoids and their effects: Pollinators and Pesticides

An interesting website is  Bumblebeewatch

Read a  free online book about our native bees.  Well illustrated for easy learning!  Native Bee Basics

An excellent online resource is the Hebert Small-Scale Rain Garden Guide.  It is free and specifies native plants, see pp. 48-49.  You may have met Kevin Hebert at one of our workshops.

More on Rain Gardens: Rain Gardens, How to – WI DNR Publication

An Asian worm is a new invasive species.  Learn about it here: Jumping Worm Facts

Native Plant Nurseries:  Linked on our own website: Native Plant Nurseries 

Drone film of a prairie burn:  Our own Kevin Collins participated in this cool video which was filmed from a drone at Bluff Spring Fen in Cook County: Bluff Spring Fen Burn – Drone film

Member Yard Burn on YouTube:   Ted Lowe’s Ted Lowe’s 2014 Yard Burn