Growing native plants is a great way to attract birds to your yard. Native birds need the native plants and insects that have co-evolved with them for food. Many landscaping plants available in nurseries are from other countries and make poor food sources for native birds. For more information on why native plants are best for birds visit Cornell University’s article, A Yard Full Of Native Plants Is A Yard Full Of Well-Fed Birds or Audubon’s article, Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People.

The Audubon Native Plants database is a great place to search for native plants to attract birds in your area. The database is searchable by zip code, by specific types of plants and birds, and by keyword. It even allows you to create a list of all the plants you are interested in and what birds each plant attracts for reference. Learn more about specific birds with the Audubon Guide to North American Birds or the Audubon Bird Guide App. Also check out Cornell University and the National Science Foundation’s Free bird ID app that helps you identify birds by answering questions or from a photo.

If you are interested in learning bird calls then try out the Bird Song Hero Game by Cornell University.

In Spring hummingbirds enjoy sipping from the Columbine flower

Hummingbirds especially enjoy summer nectar from red Lobelia, the Cardinal Flower